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Miranda Group is an excellent company to build a career with. As an innovative cloud-based real estate brokerage firm, we know what it takes to be successful in this industry and want the same for you!

What We Offer Our Agents

  • 100% Commissions - $1000 Flat fee - Residential Sales
  • 100% Commissions - $200 Flat fee - Rentals
  • 80/20 Split for Leads
  • No Broker Review Fees
  • No Desk Fees
  • Agent Referral Incentive
  • Professional Support
  • Transaction Training
  • Training Materials
  • Real Estate Forms
  • MA MLS Access
  • RI MLS Access (coming soon)
  • NH MLS Access (coming soon)
  • YGL Access
  • Personalized Email
  • Personalized Website
  • E & O Insurance Coverage
  • Extremely Low Cost and Free Continuing Education Credits

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Miranda Group actually pay their agents 100% commission?

  • Yes. All agents earn 100% commission regardless of their experience level.

Does Miranda Group charge any fees to work there?

  • Yes, one. $1000 dollars for residential sales or $200 for rentals; on each transaction. To cover E & O, Tech, Backups, Accounting, and Administrative work. We run things lean.

Does Miranda Group have a physical office location?

  • Does Starbucks count? No. Miranda Group does not have a physical location, but we are adding a shared space located in Cambridge in the future. The office is no longer necessary to conduct business; most agents are conducting business via email, text, phone, computer. Did you know some of the top Agents and Brokers do not even have a website? By not having a physical office, we are able to pay our agents 100% commission.

Does Miranda Group provide marketing materials for their agents?

  • To some extent, Yes. Each agent is responsible for their own marketing. By being compensated at 100% commission, each agent can market themselves due to the higher commission split; compared to competitive brokerages offering lower commission splits and having to market on behalf of the agent. Of course, our logos and templates will be available for use.

Does Miranda Group provide free access to the MLS and YGL?

  • No and yes. Each agent is responsible for paying the monthly (or quarterly) amount for MLS access. YGL is available upon request for free.

Does Miranda Group provide training to each agent?

  • Yes, however, it is transactional training... at the moment. Miranda Group does not provide traditional training (i.e. weekly classroom training to cover topics such as calling expired listings, calling for sale by owners, etc. at the moment). We can suggest options if so inclined. We will provide trainings on new tech we find of interest.
  • Instead, Miranda Group will provide transactional training – which is training an agent when they're engaged with an active client. Miranda Group provides full-time support and training to each agent that is engaged with a client. This method has proven more effective and many agents have prefered this method of training.

Does Miranda Group provide training materials?

  • Yes. Each agent is provided training materials when they sign on.

Is there a monthly membership charge to work at Miranda Group?

  • No. *See fees

Does Miranda Group pay for Errors and Omissions Insurance or is that the agent’s responsibility?

  • Miranda Group covers the expense of Errors and Omissions Insurance for each agent. Agents do not have to pay for Errors and Omissions Insurance.

Is there a broker review fee at Miranda Group?

  • No... what is up with that anyway? There is no broker review fee at Miranda Group. *See commission structure.

Is there a buy-in fee to work there ?

  • No, an exit fee... Just kidding. There is no buy-in fee to work at Miranda Group... nor an exit fee.

Does Miranda Group provide business cards for their agents?

  • No. Each agent is responsible for purchasing their own business cards. However, Miranda Group offers their exclusive vendor We highly recommend them! Their cards are of designer quality; not to mention, they have some awesome variations. If the agent wants to create their own business cards through a different vendor, that is fine as well and can offer templates.

Does Miranda Group provide yard signs for their agents?

  • No. Each agent is responsible for purchasing their own yard signs, though we have an exclusive vendor. Each agent may order yard signs through the exclusive vendor. Miranda Group has their own page/portal with them. All signs will be mailed directly to an agent’s house. We will be offering a unique sign post in the near future... mums the word!

Does Miranda Group provide real estate forms to their agents?

  • Yes. Each agent is given every real estate form when they work at Miranda Group. During the onboarding process, each agent receives an email with a downloadable link containing the real estate forms.

Does Miranda Group provide any real estate software to their agents?

  • No. Agents may choose whichever software they are comfortable using to help their clients. Miranda Group did not want to force every agent to use one specific software. Any software an agent uses to help their clients and close faster is fine with us. Though, we will provide training on how to use Google Suites Applications to get you started; if it's free it's for We!

Does Miranda Group provide leads to their agents?

  • Yes and no. Leads will vary depending on experience level, geographic location, time to assist the client, etc.

Can an agent work part-time, or do they need to work full-time?

  • An agent can work part-time or full-time. Miranda Group leaves it up to each agent on how often they want to work.

Does an agent need to attend mandatory meetings?

  • There are no mandatory meetings. If there are meetings, they are optional and not required to work at Miranda Group.

Does Miranda Group offer any benefits such as health or dental?

  • No. Each agent is considered an independent contractor; therefore, no health or dental benefits are offered at Miranda Group. If an agent is a member of the Realtor Board, they receive discounts on health and dental through the Realtor Board’s direct partners.

Does Miranda Group pay taxes for each agent?

  • No. Each agent is considered an independent contractor; therefore, each agent is responsible for paying their own taxes.

If Miranda Group does not have a physical office, how does an agent get their commission check?

  • Once Miranda Group receives the commission owed to Miranda Group from the closing (and required documents), Miranda Group will deposit the money into their operating account. Once that clears, an agent’s commission check will be mailed to them from Miranda Group Accountant to their home address on file. An agent should receive their commission within a couple days after their closing.

An agent has deposit money from an accepted offer to purchase and Miranda Group is the escrow agent. Where does the agent send that money?

  • All deposit money needs to be sent to Miranda Group’s corporate mailing address so it can be deposited and handled by the Principal Broker.

An agent has deposit money to bind a Purchase and Sale Agreement and Miranda Group is the escrow agent. Where does the agent send that money?

  • All deposit money needs to be sent to Miranda Group’s corporate mailing address so it can be deposited and handled by the Principal Broker.

Does Miranda Group provide agents with an email address?

  • Yes and no. If an agent wants to use the email address, we can set that up for them; but, there is a monthly cost of $20.00 (what we are charged and price may vary) This is an optional expense and is not required. If an agent is comfortable with using a Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. email account, that is fine. We use Google Suites.

Does Miranda Group provide agents with a website?

  • Yes and no. Each agent at Miranda Group can get a free website through Placester, KingstonLane, or other vendors. This is completely optional as well and is not required.

If an agent needs help with something, who do they call?

  • Paul L. Miranda (Principal Broker) and or his Admins are available 18/7 (11pm to 5am EST off) via text, email, or telephone to answer any questions an agent may have. If we don't answer immediately, it's likely we are on the phones or helping someone. Just try again in about 20 minutes.

Does Miranda Group have any requirements that an agent must follow?

  • Yes. Every agent must provide Miranda Group principals with copies of all documents associated with a real estate transaction, so a master copy can be kept on file to satisfy Board requirements. In addition to a copy of everything a client signs, Miranda Group's Principal Broker (Paul L. Miranda) must review every Purchase and Sale Agreement prior to a client signing it. This helps reduce company liability and provides another set of eyes on the document to ensure accuracy before a client signing it.

If an agent owns property and wants to sell it, must they list it through Miranda Group?

  • Yes. Each agent who owns property and wants to sell must list their property through Miranda Group.

Are there mandatory listing fees an agent must abide by?

  • No. As long as everything is legal we are ok with it. Though, we highly recommend sticking with the standard "Apples and Oranges".

In order to join Miranda Group, is there paperwork an agent needs to fill out?

  • Yes. Every agent that joins Miranda Group must sign an independent contractor agreement that was drafted by Miranda Group. It establishes the agent’s role as an independent contractor, rules and regulations, along with the commission they will be receiving.

Is joining the MLS optional or mandatory when working at Miranda Group?

  • Why wouldn't you? Joining the MLS is completely optional. If an agent wants to join, they can. If an agent does not want to join, they do not have to.

Does Miranda Group offer any incentive to recruit agents?

  • Yes. Our agent referral plan allows existing agents to earn income from the agents they bring to Miranda Group. $500 after the agents first sale or 5th rental.

What if Miranda Group is not for me and I have listings; can I take them with me?

  • Absolutely! Miranda Group will not hold any of your listings if you feel the need to go your own way. There is a 15 day notification to us and documentation required showing the owner of the listing is aware of (and accepts) the change. The only caveat, in the rarest of occasions, would be if Miranda Group deems the agent is NOT looking out for the best interest of their client.


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